“Here I am - the one you look for stands before you”
(Virgil, Aeneid I, 595: “Coram quem quaeritis adsum")

Thank you so much for the session today. I feel much lighter and more confident in a grounded way. Keep up the work helping us understand creativity.
(Tinge Krishnan, Writer/Director/Producer, Founder Disruptive Element Films)

Inspirational Leadership Programme

Leadership – management speak or essential skill?

“The soft stuff is always harder than the hard stuff.”
Robert Enrico, Chairman Dreamworks  Animation

Some creative businesses are sceptical about the need for leadership skills. They see them as soft and fluffy - “nice to have” - but not crucial to the bottom line, so they don’t invest in them. They are wrong.

Making the best possible use of your people is the most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your business. And this applies particularly to businesses which depend on the creativity of talented individuals.

“… inspiring and talking to the workforce is one of the major jobs as a leader of any organisation…  you’ve  got to know about how to communicate with the people who work for you, and your customers, but particularly the people who work for you.”  
Greg Dyke

Invest in yourself/your team

This programme will give the next generation of leaders in TV an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. They face greater competitive challenges than ever before - operating in a complex environment with greater diversification, collaboration and working across boundaries. They will need to be inspirational leaders, with a compelling vision, who, rather than being overwhelmed, know how to get the very best from their teams and how to collaborate effectively with customers and partners.

The return on your investment

By the end of the programme, you will:

Who’s it for?

You will be an executive with a number of years’ experience of TV or TV-related digital media businesses. You may aspire to leadership positions or have acquired significant management responsibility but with little or no training for it. You may be a CEO who wants to strengthen your team, an executive producer about to move to creative director, an MD launching a start-up, a producer/director running complex projects, or a specialist team leader in a large organisation.

How is it run?

Facilitated by business psychologists, the programme will be highly participative. You will get:

There will be a group of 16 participants, working as a whole group and as 2 smaller groups of eight. Participants will attend for an introductory meeting followed by three whole-day sessions at intervals of around 4 weeks. All sessions will be held at the offices of Skillset, Focus Point, 21 Caledonian Road, London N1 9GB.


Janet Evans of Adsum Consulting www.adsumconsulting.co.uk  and Steve Turner of Learnlab www.learnlab.co.uk are qualified business psychologists and coaches who work with leaders – CEOs, COOs, Directors, Permanent Secretaries, Ministers and top teams – from all sectors, using business psychology and their own experience of senior management to facilitate change. They have a particular knowledge of and interest in the creative industries, and Janet blogs regularly on leadership and creativity on the website of Televisual magazine.

“I want to say a big thank you to [Janet] for helping me set my personal development goals and feel empowered to follow them through. The coaching came at a pivotal point in my career and made a huge difference. I feel very privileged to have had access to you and your coaching which has been challenging, thought provoking and enjoyable” 
Zaffrin Afsaruddin , Senior Lawyer, Digital Media, BBC Worldwide

 “It has been so useful and so brilliant to be able to think through my current challenges with the help of your clear-sighted cleverness [Steve]. It’s been a real joy working with you. It has had a huge impact on my effectiveness and on Lambent as a result. Massive, massive thanks.”
Emma Wakefield, Director and Executive Producer, Lambent Productions

How to apply-

The programme is largely funded by Skillset, but participants will be asked to make a contribution of £500 towards the cost. (There may be some flexibility in this for freelance applicants.) Key dates are:

For more information please email info@adsumconsulting.co.uk or phone 07592 663563. To apply please download and complete the application form and diversity questionnaire and email to info@adsumconsulting.co.uk by 9th March 2012.