“Here I am - the one you look for stands before you”
(Virgil, Aeneid I, 595: “Coram quem quaeritis adsum")

What you do, through your coaching and writing, is give creative people a better understanding of themselves. And that’s really important if they are to continue to evolve as an individual, as a manager, and as a creative – to fulfil their full potential. For me, the process was like finding another room in my house which I didn’t know I had.
(Mark Downie, Head of Factual at Maverick TV)


I have been lucky to coach a large number of people in the creative media industries over the last few years, ranging from “pure” creatives (writers, composers, directors) through creative executives (producers) to “pure” executives (MDs, lawyers).

I have been struck by the way in which certain common themes have emerged from these sessions, many of which are specific to the creative industries, for example: the question of whether “creative industry” is a contradiction in terms - the need to focus on nurturing individual creativity in a fast-moving commercial setting; how to foster the “group creativity” on which this industry depends; and the characteristics of creative people, which make them challenging to lead and work with, but are an intrinsic part of what makes them creative.

I have become fascinated by this topic and it is the subject of a Masters dissertation which I am currently researching, based on interviews with a range of creative people.

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