“Here I am - the one you look for stands before you”
(Virgil, Aeneid I, 595: “Coram quem quaeritis adsum")

The sessions have been incredibly useful and have given me an insight, awareness and understanding of myself and other people. I am sure that this will make me a better leader and manager, of other people, and myself. They have also given me confidence to build on because they have reassured me that what I’m doing is OK
(Rebecca Long, Producer, and Founder Quicksilver Films)


I provide advice on both the “hard” areas of strategy and business planning and the “softer” ones of leadership and culture. As a senior Whitehall leader I had to convert new ideas into workable policies and then deliver them. As a result I have done a lot of strategic analysis and have worked closely with some elite practitioners, including McKinsey. I understand how to overcome obstacles and get outcomes in a complex environment.

Recent projects include: