“Here I am - the one you look for stands before you”
(Virgil, Aeneid I, 595: “Coram quem quaeritis adsum")

We were struggling to find the best way to handle [a famously “difficult” presenter]. We thought we’d just have to grit our teeth and get through it. But I took your advice and I said to the team I’ve taken professional advice, and this is what we’re going to do…..And the series rated through the roof, we all got along with her and everyone said they’d never seen her so happy on camera
(Executive Producer at a prominent independent production company)


Coaching makes a real difference – to the skills and fulfilment of the individual, and to the success of the business.

Coaching sessions are a time for clients to reflect, away from the demands of everyday life, on issues of importance to them, whether immediate problems at work or deeper, longer-term issues about themselves and their ultimate goals.

My role is to listen and help the client explore and question their current ways of doing things and perspectives on the world, identify what they want to change and why, and help them find ways to make those changes and become both authentic and skilful leaders.

I draw on my own experience at a senior level in complex organisations and my training in psychology and therapeutic and coaching techniques. My coaching conversations range as necessary from “hard” skills issues (eg strategic analysis and planning) through the “softer” skills of emotional intelligence and influencing, to the deep processes involved in increasing self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

I coach at Chief Executive, senior and middle management levels, and  have a particular interest and experience in coaching people in the creative industries, whether artists themselves or executives. I bring a wide range of models and tools based firmly in psychological theory to the coaching relationship.

Recently, I have been coaching a large number of clients in the creative industries. I was lead coach on a flagship leadership scheme for tv executives funded by Skillset, the Sector Skills Council for the creative media industries.  A number of my individual clients have been supported by means of bursaries from Skillset.

Contact me janet@adsumconsulting.co.uk , or 07813 162997, if you would like to discuss coaching. I provide 90 minute sessions 1:1 and normally work with people for 6-8 sessions over a number of months. I usually work in central London but am happy to travel and have found that coaching over Skype works well with clients whom I have met face-to face before.

Group coaching and training

I work with senior leadership teams on strategy, leadership and culture, and to help them improve team dynamics, and with the next level down on how to engage, motivate and delegate to staff in complex businesses. Group learning increases engagement and mutual understanding within organisations and develops a common language which makes it easier to identify and confront problems.

I use a blend of inputs of the latest theory and practice and peer learning -  the focus is always on the real problems which the business or individuals are facing and action to address them. I work within organisations and provide industry-wide themed courses.

Recent projects include: