“Here I am - the one you look for stands before you”
(Virgil, Aeneid I, 595: “Coram quem quaeritis adsum")

“At Adsum we want to make things work better - to help organisations to achieve what they want to and individuals to fulfil their potential. We do this by applying psychological and organisational theory, our own experience of senior leadership, and coaching techniques. We are completely dedicated to our clients and their goals”
Janet Evans, Founder of Adsum Consulting

I provide:

I have also recently developed and am delivering an innovative Inspirational Leadership programme specifically for the next generation of leaders in television, supported by Skillset, the Sector Skills Council for the creative media.

I am a qualified and experienced executive coach and organisational psychologist working with individuals, groups, leadership teams and management boards to help:

I provide coaching and consultancy services to a range of clients in the creative media industries and the public sector.

In 2007, after a career in Whitehall working with Ministers, I set up Adsum Consulting so that I might work directly with individuals, teams and organisations. The coaching and consultancy I provide all draw on my long experience as a senior leader and policy analyst and are firmly based on psychological theory and evidence. I combine a thorough understanding of the “hard” issues of business strategy and planning with a clear insight into the “soft” people skills so essential to delivery and individual fulfilment.

I have a particular interest in creativity: the problems experienced by creative people and those who lead them, how to overcome those problems, and how to nurture the spark on which creative industries and organisations depend. I write articles and a regular blog on this and am currently researching a dissertation on how coaching can help creative businesses.

I have a Masters from Oxford, a Masters in Organisational Psychology, a Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Practice, and am accredited to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. I am a member of The Association for Coaching.